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A New Thermostat Could Improve the Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Posted by Bodie Czeladka on

When they are considering an air conditioning installation, Perth homeowners should take extra care to choose the right thermostat. Energy efficiency is a great way to save energy and reduce the cost of your energy bills. This is something that every homeowner should be interested in, but it doesn’t have to compromise the quality of comfort in your home. Installing a smarter thermometer when the system is chosen or adding one later to an existing system can have a dramatic effect.

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Thermostat Basics:

The thermostat is also known as the control system; it’s the brain of your air conditioning system. There are three main types of thermostats available today, they are: manual, programmable and smart, each one works in a very different way. Let’s take a closer look at each.

The Manual Thermostat:

This is the simplest type of thermostat, and it’s been with us for many years. This is the older round model that you may still see on walls, usually in older homes. It works by moving a needle up for hotter and down for colder air. These are economical to use and have very simple controls that even a total technophobe can use. They are best suited for homes where the temperature doesn’t need to change very often. They are not used as much today because they have no energy saving features and require constant attention if different temperatures are required more often.

The Programmable Thermostat:

This is a more sophisticated unit, as the name suggests, it can be programmed with a schedule for every day of the week with an override to cool or heat immediately if you need it. Some more advanced models, even have separate settings for the weekend. A programmable thermostat can save money on your cooling and heating. They can efficiently adjust the indoor temperature throughout the day.

The Smart Thermostat:

This is the current cutting edge in thermostat technology, and it has been proven to improve energy efficiency. The smart thermostat is WiFi enabled; it can be accessed via a variety of different devices, such as a WiFi enabled tablet, a smartphone or a computer. These thermostats give you a tremendous amount of control and adaptability. The settings can be tailored to suit anyone's needs, and this can be done when you’re not at home. As an example: If you’re working late unexpectedly, the air conditioning system will come on at the usual time with a programmable thermostat, but a smart thermostat user could access the system at work and adjust it to switch on later. Home comfort is maintained, but the thermostat is under constant control remotely. They make an excellent addition to an existing air conditioning system, but the model you choose must be compatible with your cooling and heating system.

If they are considering a split system installation, Perth residents should contact us here at Airspares. We supply, service and repair a wide range of cooling equipment; we can also carry out your aircon installation. Perth homeowners can be assured that our well trained technicians can address all of their home cooling needs. Our team is standing by to answer any remaining questions that you might have.

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