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Polyaire Air Conditioner Parts

Polyaire Air Conditioner Spare Parts

Polyaire is the largest manufacturer and distributor for air conditioning products in Australia. The brand has an established reputation for offering climate control systems and equipment that is ideally suited to the challenging temperatures and weather conditions; we have here in Perth.

A Little Polyaire History:

Polyaire began as a humble family owned business. It was acquired back in 1996 and then expanded to over 20 manufacturing and distribution centres throughout Australia. The brand places great emphasis on the importance of maintaining strong customer relationships. The company takes pride in offering custom made and complete air conditioning systems that are tailored to suit the specific needs of customers. Polyaire also prioritises sustainable solutions working closely to create innovations that offer a more efficient and greener product. These key values remain integral to the Polyaire business, making them a preferred supplier for Australian home and business owners.

Polyaire stands apart from many air conditioning brands, as it offers solution based products that offer great value, competitive pricing, and premium quality. The company invests in research and development each and every year towards making manufacturing, product, and operational improvements. Polyaire holds a number of Registered designs and Patents in Australia including the high torque motorised plastic damper and fittings in the Quick Fix system.

Today, the company continue building loyal customer relationships through their national distribution network and partnerships, to make the brand more accessible to consumers. Polyaire is ready to meet the growing demands of customers now and in the coming years.

Polyaire Air Conditioner Parts:

Polyaire is a truly national manufacturer and distributor for air conditioning products in the residential and commercial sectors. The Polyaire product range includes wall split units and custom commercial systems. Due to the complexity and variety of products in the Polyaire range, it is important that you have the right components to replace any aging parts. Although there are generic parts on the market for all types of systems, if you want to ensure the efficiency and performance of your equipment, you will need to use genuine Polyaire air conditioner parts. Generic parts tend to be lower quality and are unlikely to offer the same performance and lifespan.  

Why Choose Air Spares for Polyaire Air Conditioner Spare Parts?

Choosing the right Polyaire air conditioner spare parts can be a challenge. Since the Polyaire product range is so comprehensive, the catalogue of Polyaire air conditioner parts is extensive. Even if you have the owner’s manual for your equipment, choosing the right part can still be a problem. Fortunately, the technicians at Air Spares have decades of industry experience and are familiar with the Polyaire product range. We can assist you with basic part replacement, and if you need further help replacing a more complex component, we’re here and ready.     

polyaire air conditioning spare parts

If you need Polyaire air conditioner parts, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Air Spares, we not only offer Polyaire air conditioning service and repairs, but can also provide access to the catalogue of Polyaire air conditioning spare parts.

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