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Breezair Parts

Breezair has an established reputation for offering the highest cooling performance with clever, unique design features. The range is designed to offer excellent efficiency, which can only be maintained with genuine Breezair evaporative cooler parts. From minor components like filters to more complex Breezair spare parts, you don’t want to put your system at risk with cheap, generic parts.

Breezair evaporative coolers

Breezair evaporative coolers use advanced technology to produce the most efficient and quiet air conditioning solutions for homes or businesses. For example, the brand’s Icon series offers savings of up to 90% on electricity costs compared to standard refrigerated units. Even compared to other evaporative air conditioning systems, you could use as much as 40% less electricity. This product range has enhanced the brand and created a reputation that Breezair is a name that can be trusted.

Breezair evaporative cooler parts

Breezair's evaporative cooler parts are one of the biggest reasons these units provide great performance and efficiency. For example, Breezair evaporative coolers have exclusive components including motors that are not only corrosion resistant but also electronically controlled for optimum efficiency. This allows them to run at variable speeds to provide excellent electricity efficiency. Additionally, Breezair units use Chillcel pads that are made using organic paper materials, with a honeycomb panel design to improve cool strength. These Breezair evaporative cooler parts optimise your home cooling for a long time. These can last up to seven years, but will eventually need to be replaced to maintain performance. 

The innovative designs do mean that it is even more important to use genuine Breezair spare parts. Although generic parts may be available, genuine parts are designed to the exact Breezair specifications of the original unit, so you can be assured of quality and ensure that your system continues to operate at peak efficiency, safety, and output.

Where to find Breezair parts in Perth?

Choosing the right Breezair parts for your system can be a little confusing in Perth. Even if you still have your owner’s manual and know the part you need to replace, the myriad of part numbers can be a little overwhelming. Unlike many retailers, the Airspares team has years of heating and cooling industry experience. This means that we have the experience and expertise to help guide you through the range of options for Breezair evaporative cooler spare parts. Additionally, our team members are available for servicing and repair throughout Perth. While some elements of maintenance such as changing filters can be simple for homeowners to perform themselves, if you have a more complex part that needs replacing, we’re here to help.

If you are in need of any Breezair parts, Perth property owners should speak to us. We offer the full range of genuine Breezair parts including Breezair spare parts for new and older systems. The Airspares team is also on hand to answer any queries you have to keep your Breezair system operating at peak efficiency.

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