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Braemar Air Conditioner Parts

Airspares is a reliable supplier of Braemar air conditioner parts in Perth. As one of the few air conditioning brands both owned and manufactured in Australia, you’re getting an air conditioner ideally suited to the challenging Perth climate. Braemar is part of the Seeley International group. Seeley is the largest air conditioning manufacturer in Australia with a history spanning over 40 years. This brand has won numerous awards and is widely recognised for innovation and ingenuity. Seeley International is a market leading manufacturer with numerous award winning brands in their stable, including Braemar, Breezair, Convair, Coolair, Coolerado and Climate Wizard.

Seeley International has factories in Albury, South Australia, New South Wales and Adelaide, so you can be sure that you are purchasing an Australian made, high-quality climate control solution.


Does my Braemar air conditioner need new parts?

Your Braemar air conditioner will probably need new parts at some point in its lifecycle. Air conditioners require new parts if their old pieces are damaged or worn. This ensures your air conditioner runs at full efficiency all year long. A poorly functioning air conditioner may need to work harder to pump air and cool your home, leading to more electricity used and a higher number on your energy bill. By staying on top of maintenance and servicing, you might be saving yourself costly bills and repairs later down the line. If you notice your air conditioner leaking, emitting strange smells, or making odd noises, it may be a sign that it needs to be checked over. A professional air conditioner service like Airspares will examine your system to see if any parts need replacing. If we have spare parts at the ready, we’ll perform the replacement, but some components may need to be ordered specially. Braemar not only offers excellent quality units but also provides excellent aftercare with a catalogue of Braemar air conditioner parts for new and older Braemar systems.


What kind of parts do Braemar air conditioners need?

Braemar air conditioners need a variety of different parts. The exact components depend on what system you have, but most air conditioners require parts like washers or filters. Braemar specialises in evaporative air conditioners and ducted gas heating, so they know the ins and outs of spare parts for a range of systems. It’s important not to try to replace parts yourself unless you are a professional. Otherwise, you may risk damaging your system and encounter a much higher repair fee. 

While there are generic parts available on the marketplace, these are usually lower quality and may not offer the solid performance and lifespan you can expect from genuine Braemar air conditioner parts. Braemar parts are manufactured to the same specification and standards of the original units, to enhance performance and maintain optimum efficiency. So, regardless of whether you simply need a replacement washer or filter, or are in need of a more complex component, you can be sure that Braemar is ready to meet your needs and expectations.


How much do Braemar parts cost?

The cost of your Braemar parts may vary based on what you need. Simple parts won’t set you back too much, but more complex parts could cost more. Shipping costs for parts that need to be ordered in should also be added to the total price. Installation costs could factor into the overall price as well. Tricky replacements may take longer and require more energy and resources for HVAC technicians. Different suppliers will also charge higher or lower rates for replacements and servicing costs. A reliable air conditioner servicing agent like Airspares will charge affordable prices for repairs and replacement parts.


Does Airspares provide Braemar air conditioning parts?

Airspares stocks a wide range of Braemar air conditioning parts. Since the Braemar product range is so extensive, choosing the right spare parts could be a daunting prospect. While there are a number of retailers offering genuine Braemar air conditioner parts, Perth home and business owners benefit from the expertise offered by Airspares. Our team of technicians has decades of experience in the heating and cooling industry, working with a number of brands, including Braemar. This means that we’ll discuss your requirements and guide you through the range of parts available to ensure that you buy the right one.

Airspares offers quality maintenance and repair services to keep your Braemar AC unit in top condition. Our team will check all your air conditioner components and help give your system a clear bill of health. If you need Braemar air conditioning spare parts, Perth-based Airspares is able to provide them. We are dedicated to ensuring your equipment continues to keep you cool and comfortable this summer. Chat to the friendly Airspares team for more information about our selection of Braemar spare parts.

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