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Considering Air Conditioning Installation? Perth Commercial Advice

Posted by Bodie Czeladka on

If you’ve noticed that your air conditioning system is not working efficiently or has stopped working entirely, what do you do next? If you’re a business owner or property manager and are looking to repair, install or upgrade commercial air conditioning in your premises, where do you start? A commercial aircon system installed for commercial purposes is quite different to the systems that would be typically used in your home. The installer needs to be familiar with commercial installation procedures and repairs. Here are three main qualities that you need in a commercial HVAC provider.

Technician Installing Air Conditioning

Do They Have Enough Requisite Experience?

It stands to reason that you will need an air conditioning technician with plenty of relevant experience. This can be verified by perusing online reviews or perhaps you could get a personal recommendation from someone whose opinion you trust? A skilled aircon technician will be familiar with all the latest techniques and technology to get you the best performance and efficiency. They will also be certified, a member of a professional association and fully insured for your peace of mind. A local air conditioning specialist that fulfills these requirements will be able to install, service and repair your equipment to your exacting standards.

Can You Trust Them?

It’s imperative that you can trust your commercial HVAC installation expert. Generally, a commercial air conditioning system is more complex than a domestic system. This means that installations, repairs, and servicing can take longer than you may be used to. Also, you need to feel confident that the job will be completed successfully and on schedule to minimise disruption. Finally, an honest technician will be frank with you when discussing your system and then present you with a fair bill for the work. A local professional technician will care about your happiness, they want to build a lasting business relationship, and this can only be based on trust.

Do You Receive Adequate Feedback?

Sometimes, after you hire a professional, it can feel like you're communicating with a brick wall. There may be little to no feedback about how the job is progressing or if any problems have been encountered. If other issues have arisen, you may not even hear about it until after the job is completed and you receive an unexpectedly high bill. There is no excuse for this behaviour; it’s an unprofessional way to act and a worrying sign. A professional air conditioning technician will ask you a lot of questions about your system and the quality of the air. You can expect them to appraise you on the progress and update you on any issues that arise.

If they are looking for aircon installation, Perth residents and property managers should contact us. At Airspares, we install, service, and supply parts for a wide variety of air conditioning systems. Check out our specials for deals that could reduce your ac installation cost and save you money. Our team is standing by to offer advice and answer any remaining questions that you may have.

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