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Everything You Need to Know About an Air Conditioning Service in Perth

Posted by Bodie Czeladka on

If you need an air conditioning service in Perth, it can be hard to find the right company. There are a lot of factors to consider before you make your final decision, and servicing your AC system is essential. In this article, we will examine the main benefits of an aircon service and what happens during the process.

The Benefits of an Air Conditioner Service

As the weather begins to heat up, many homeowners start to think about their AC systems. It’s essential that the air conditioning is working at its optimal performance level, and it needs to be energy efficient. If you begin the cooling season without an air conditioning service in Perth, you may have poor cooling performance and inflated energy bills. Let’s look at the three main benefits of aircon servicing before the cooling season starts.

 1. Saving Money

An air conditioner has coils, fins, and filters that all need regular maintenance to function in an effective and energy efficient manner. If you neglect the maintenance needs of your cooling equipment, you may notice a steady decline in the performance. This may happen gradually on a year to year basis, or the loss of cooling performance may be more dramatic. Paying for electricity to power an air conditioning system that isn’t working very well is a waste of money. In fact, if your AC system is serviced regularly, you may notice that it can maintain as much as 95% of the operational efficiency performance.

2. Cleaner and Healthier Air

The air conditioning system can gather a large quantity of dirt, debris, pet hair, pollen, and other pollutants over the course of a typical cooling season. These particles will stay in your AC system, and then they are distributed throughout your home and consistently circulated every time your cooling system is turned on. This will significantly decrease the cleanliness and healthiness of the air that you’re breathing in your home. The first people to notice this decline in air quality will be people suffering from allergies or those that have pre-existing respiratory conditions. Some studies have found that badly maintained AC systems may be circulating air that’s poorer in quality than the air found outdoors in cities. This can easily be avoided by carrying our regular routine maintenance at the start of each cooling season. The air conditioning technician will check, clean, and sterilise the AC system to improve the indoor air quality.  This will help everyone to breathe more easily throughout the summer months.

3. Protecting Your AC System

Let’s face it; an air conditioning system represents a significant investment in indoor comfort. For this reason, it makes great sense to protect that investment by ensuring that the useful lifespan of the AC system is a long as possible. An average air conditioning system should last for 10-15 years before it needs replacement. However, this estimated lifespan is for well maintained cooling equipment, and if the AC system isn’t looked after this could be significantly shorter. The exact servicing and maintenance intervals can vary slightly depending on the type of AC system that you have. If you need some expert advice on when your air conditioning system should be serviced contact AirSpare for expert advice.

What Happens During an AC System Service?

An air conditioning system removes the warmer air from your home to cool down your indoor spaces. The AC system acts in a circulatory manner, and it will continue to remove heat while the system is turned on. This process requires a number of electrical, electronic, and mechanical parts, and only a trained technician should work on this type of cooling equipment. If you have any pre-existing problems with water leaks, a lack of performance or strange noises, the technician will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it during the service visit. Let’s take a look at what an air conditioner service typically includes.

A Checkup and Cleaning 

Most air conditioning technicians will start the servicing appointment by checking if there are any water leaks from the cooling system. This will involve the technician checking inside the cooling equipment for blockages or leaks in draining tubes. During this process, the technician will drain any blocked water, clear the drain line, and remove any dirt that could affect the performance of the AC system.

Cleaning the Air Filter and External Fin

A typical air conditioner will collect a huge quantity of dust and debris when it’s operating. The technician will check and clean the air filter to prevent the formation of ice on the fins located in the external unit. They will also clean the fins to remove any dirt deposits or mold growth that may be present.

Cleaning the Condensor and Evaporator Fan

Dust and mold can accumulate on the condenser and evaporator fan, and this will be cleaned away. Depending on your AC system, the fan could be located in an internal or external unit.

Checking the Coolant Level

An AC system needs an adequate level of coolant or refrigerant to carry the heat out of your home. If the coolant level drops below the recommended level, the AC system will not work.

Cleaning the Evaporator and Condensor Coils

The dirt, dust, and debris in your AC system can make the equipment less efficient and cause it to overheat. During your air conditioning service, the technician will carefully clear this material way to avoid damage to your expensive cooling equipment.

A General Overall Inspection

After all of these essential checks and cleaning tasks are carried out, the technician will carry out a general overall inspection. They will examine the major components in the cooling system, such as the condenser unit, the evaporator, the compressor, the thermostat, and the fan motor assembly. This will help to identify and potential faults that could affect the performance and efficiency of your AC system.

If you need air conditioning repairs in Perth, get in touch with us here at Mouritz for expert help and advice.

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