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Do You Need a New Air Conditioning Installation? Perth Expert Advice

Posted by Bodie Czeladka on

When they need an air conditioning installation in Perth homeowners are usually less than thrilled. Let’s face it, this can be a tough time; the installation can be costly, and the process can be disruptive. However, once the AC system is in place, the home comfort levels should improve dramatically, and the energy efficiency benefits will save money. However, before you begin, here are a few key things that you need to consider.

air conditioning installation

The Inevitability of AC Replacement

When they look into a split system installation, Perth homeowners have often reached the point of no return with their AC system. This often happens when the repairs are not economically viable compared to a newer system. However, there are often earlier warning signs that the system is reaching the end of its useful life such as a loss in cooling performance and energy efficiency. An AC system will typically last between 10-15 years before it needs to be replaced. If the system is regularly maintained it will last longer, and you will get advanced warning on when it’s the best time to upgrade. Replacing your AC system may seem expensive, but the costs can be recouped in energy savings, but the exact timeframe will vary depending on usage patterns and the insulation levels in your home.

Ducting Considerations

If your existing AC system is evaporative or ducted and the ducts are in good condition, there is a chance that they could be reused. However, many HVAC companies will not recommend this, and they will advise that the old ducts are swapped out for new ones. There is solid reasoning behind this; over time the ducts in your home will become blocked with a large quantity of grime and dust deposits. In fact, any AC technician will have stories about things they have found in ductwork, including dead animal carcasses. Of course, these materials are being circulated into the home via the air travelling through this debris, and that is extremely unhealthy. It may seem like a good idea to save money and clean the ducts, but the savings simply are not worth it. When you take labour costs into account, it’s a better idea to get new ductwork and have a fresh start.

Choosing an AC System

There are three main domestic air conditioning systems to choose from; they are split system, ducted reverse cycle, and evaporative cooling. Each type of air conditioning has its pros and cons, and not everyone will be ideal for your home. The system that you choose will also need to be carefully matched to your space to get the best results. Some people install the largest system that they can afford and this is a mistake. If an AC system is too large or too small for the home, it can introduce a number of problems, such as short cycling, cold spots, and increased energy usage. It’s always a better idea to involve a reputable local air conditioning company early, and they will be able to carry out an accurate load calculation. Then they can recommend an air conditioning system that will suit all of your needs.

If they need a split system air conditioner installation, Perth based homeowners should get in touch with Air Spares for expert help and advice.

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