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Service Notice

All Evaporative air conditioners (EAC), in particular those now aged over 10 years, require regular maintenance to ensure a reliable, efficient & healthy cooling performance. Our pre-summer DISCOUNTED service will also include a report if any additional work is required. Clients who accept this service will receive FREE batteries for their remote controller, a PRIORITY call out & $50 credit toward any repairs should your machine fail during the summer period.

This service will be conducted between Sept-Nov

Service Details

  • During Sep-Nov, we will empty the reservoir, clean inside the machine, spray protective lubricant where required.
  • Report any mechanical failure or excess corrosion requiring attention.
  • Check & test the duct connections.
  • Check airflow at the vents.
  • A confirmation email that we have received back this notice will be sent.

Service Incentive

  • FREE batteries provided for your remote control.
  • Save on in season charges.
  • $50.00 credit toward any repairs required.
  • A priority call-out during November-March.
  • Guaranteed Cool Summer.

    Do you need to be home for this service?

    • We will send an SMS alert to advise the scheduled day for this service.
    • A fixed day/time for this service will be an additional cost of $40. If a fixed date is required, please provide your preferred date & am/pm in the Additional Information (ie Fixed Date AM/PM) field provided.
    • EAC machines with remote controllers may be serviced without the need to enter your home. Leave remote in an accessible place, please advise location when booking.

    Note: Upon submission you will be taken to the checkout to complete the transaction.


    Payment will be captured in 24-36 hours

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    Welshpool, WA 6106


    (08) 6364 5143
    6/56 Prindiville Drive
    Wangara, WA 6065


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    Rockingham, WA 6168


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    11 Yampi Way
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