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10 Things to Check before Calling an Air Condition Repair Service

Posted by Amy Jones on

Air condition systems are rather useful appliances that have their complexity. If there may be a single thing that makes the entire system stop functioning, then it may be time for repairs. 

What is an air condition repair service?

An air condition repair service provides professional repairs for both heating and air conditioning systems. These professionals can inspect your air conditioning system at least once a year. 

Some companies can offer heating and cooling repairs at a practical rate. Sometimes, the importance of having a car air conditioning service isn’t seen not until an issue comes up.

List of things to check before calling a air condition repair service

1. Is there an available electrical power in the house?

An available power source will make it easier to repair your air condition system. An air conditioner's filters and other components require some regular maintenance to fully function efficiently. Once you avoid the necessary maintenance on your air conditioning service, there will be a steady decline in air conditioning performance. 

If you’ve encountered no power, you can check the thermostat and circuit box to make sure it’s set in cool and auto modes. If that doesn’t work, this will need a repair.

2. Are you encountering any problems with the condensate drain?

When you notice the drain becomes clogged, a float switch gets activated shutting down the air conditioner. Air conditioning systems are designed to have a built-in safety feature that shuts them down whenever there is water overflowing. There are many air condition units that have a water safety switch to to put a pause from operating when the water starts to leak.

3. Have you checked the air filter?

If your air conditioning system is turning on and off repeatedly, you can check for a clogged filter.

Clogged air filters can quickly damage the blower motor, which puts a dent in your energy budget, and might cause your air conditioner to fail prematurely. 

4. Your air ducts are rattling

The sounds of rattling and clamoring noises are often a concern. If you’re going through this, you may want to have it checked.

5. Are there charged batteries in the thermostat?

When you sense the thermostat display no longer lights up, you may want to change the batteries. 

6. Has the circuit breaker been tripped?

You can reset a tripped circuit breaker. Just keep in mind that circuit breakers experience this for safety reasons. You will need to consult an electrician for a repair once it gets tripped again. 

7. What is the status of the switch on  the indoor unit?

The problem you’ve encountered must be an activated on-and-off switch that is right next to the indoor air handler unit for safety reasons.

8. What is the status of the disconnect switch to the outdoor unit?

Just carefully plug in or flip on a disconnected switch as it controls at least 240 volts of electricity, we need to take caution on that. 

9. What about the safety switch in the pan that is under the air conditioning unit?

When we don’t get to check the air conditioning switch bypass the safety switch or you could have a huge mess in your home.

10. Have you inspected the outside unit? 

Meanwhile, there’s a final area of your air conditioning system you need to check before making a service call. The final area is  the outside unit which may be preventing the airflow. It may be possible that the condenser coil has been filled with dirt that is obstructing any heat-energy.

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