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How to check an air conditioner installer's licence?

Posted by Amy Jones on

A long process such as getting your air conditioning system repaired or serviced needs real professional help. You can check in on a licenced professional to really provide you with the quality service you need. It's illegal for tradesmen to service fluorocarbon refrigerant gases without a licence issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council.

There are more licence types you will need to know: 

An ARC Refrigerant License 

This is a national environment-based license for the use of fluorocarbon refrigerants. There are two types of licences issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council. Professional air conditioning installers should hold at least one of these licences to be able to operate fully.

There is a kind of air conditioning system that’s over 18kW, which will require the technician to have a full licence. Below are the details of the different licence types:

1. Restricted Split System Air conditioning Installation and Decommissioning (Splits) License

The holder of a restricted 'Splits' license is qualified to:

a) Work with a single head split system air conditioner of less than 18kW cooling capacity

b) Perform installation

c) Running the pipework of a single head split system air conditioner

d) Commission the system after installation is complete

e) Remove the refrigerant from the system 

2. Full Refrigeration and Air conditioning (RAC) Licence

Any tradesmen that hold a full 'RAC' license is qualified to:

  1. Repair any air conditioning system 
  2. Be able to perform machine installation, service, maintenance of air conditioning systems.

How to check your installer's license

You can ask to see their Refrigerant Handling Licence card – this will also tell you the services they are qualified to perform in relation to air conditioning equipment.

Why do you need professional air conditioning installers?

You will need their expert advice and tips on your air conditioning system. Professional technicians have the expertise and skills to pay attention to every minute detail. They can even conduct in-depth inspections to inform you of issues that need to be taken care of. So, when you hire a licenced professional to provide a service, your problems will be diagnosed immediately.

Expertise on air conditioning installation 

When you hire air conditioning repair experts, you will have peace of mind knowing that the quality work will be completed on time. They have the expertise to provide a hassle-free service because professionals use the best equipment and strategy to resolve issues.

Long-term maintenance 

Air conditioning services done by experts provide long-lasting durability and affordability with a good maintenance solution. These professionals can diagnose a problem correctly and will be able to apply the right fix that will extend your air conditioning system’s life. Our air conditioning maintenance service will not only extend the functionality of your air conditioning units but also keep your electricity bills lowered. 

Helps you save time and money 

Any DIY move or repair you make on your own or by someone else might trigger costly mistakes. Wrong diagnosis and solution can add to the first problem you already have with your air conditioning system. 

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