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Air Conditioning Installation Perth: 5 Signs that it’s Time to Replace Your Old Air Conditioner

Posted by Bodie Czeladka on

In the hot Perth summers, it’s no surprise that people love the comfort that an air conditioner brings, and your trusty air conditioner probably gets a bit of a workout in the summer months. However, no matter how well you maintain your air conditioner, there may come a time when you need to replace it. As experts in air conditioning installation Perth, we’re here to share some of the most telling signs that an upgrade is in order.

Your energy bill has increased

When it comes to your air conditioner, you want it to run as efficiently as possible to avoid massive electricity bills over the summer month. If you’re finding the your power use is suddenly through the roof when running the air conditioner, particularly if it’s getting serviced regularly, up upgrade may be in order.

Your air flow is reduced

If you’re trying to escape the heat and cool a larger area, reduced air flow can be a serious issue. Limited air flow can be due to a number of more serious issues such as a failing compressor or problems with another major component, so prepare yourself for the fact that a replacement may be the best option.

You’re not getting cold air

Over time, your air conditioning unit may become less efficient and no matter low you set your temperature, you could find that the air just isn’t that cold. Although it could be something easy to fix, such as a dirty filter, it could also mean that your unit is on its way out.

Your air conditioner is excessively noisy

While you may not expect your air conditioning unit to be whisper quiet, it shouldn’t be creating excessive noise. In some cases, it could just be a case of something easy such as a loose component which needs to be tightened. However, some noises, such as grinding or screeching, could mean a major fault.

Your air conditioner needs constant repairs

Your air conditioner won’t last forever and no matter how diligently you service it or call out your technician, there will come a time when it’s just worn out and needs replacing. Your technician is the best person to speak to about a potential replacement if you’re finding that you’re needing repairs more and more frequently.

Airspares offer professional aircon installation Perth, and our skill and expertise means that you can be confident that your new unit is being installed correctly. Not only can we install your new air conditioner, we also offer advice as to the best system for your needs. To ensure the performance of your system and the lifespan of the equipment, call on the experts at Airspares. For cheap air conditioner installation Perth, contact Airspares today on 1300 66 22 44 and one of our trained air conditioning installers will be able to help.

Airspares are also a partner of Mouritz. A specialist in air conditioning installation. They have been one of Perth's longest established air conditioning businesses and have running for more than 40 years. One of their award winning services is ducted air conditioning, which is the ultimate and most popular entire home cooling solution at an affordable price.To find out more, be sure to visit the Mouritz website.

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