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The Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

Posted by Bodie Czeladka on

In hot Perth summers, having air conditioning in place makes life so much more comfortable. There are a number of options available on the market and split system varieties continue to be a favourite for both homes and offices. As experts in split system air conditioner installation Perth, we’re here to share just some of the benefits of this type of air conditioning system.

Easy to install
One of the big advantages of the split cycle air conditioning unit is that they’re a breeze install compared to more labour intensive options such as ducted. Once you’ve decided you want a split system, it won’t take long for the professionals to have it in place and ready to go.

Heat and cool
In our dry Perth summers, there’s nothing like the relief of switching on the air conditioner. However, our winters can also get chilly and the ability to heat up your rooms is a definite bonus. Rather than having to install an air conditioner and then purchase a separate gas heater, a split system air conditioner gives you the best of both worlds thanks to its ability to both heat and cool. All you need to do is make adjustments on the remote for the perfect temperature.

Sleek design
If you were ever unlucky enough to have one of those traditional air conditioning units which seems to take up the majority of the wall, you’ll appreciate the sleek design of the split cycle unit. The compact design means they blend in with the room rather than standing out and you can opt to have it placed in an unobtrusive position.

Quiet operation
While you want your air conditioning unit to heat and cool efficiently, you also don’t want to hear it! One of the main issues people have with their older air conditioning units is that they’re noisy thanks to large, noisy motors. With a split system, you don’t need to worry about noise and they run almost silently, making them perfect to put in the bedroom of even the lightest sleeper.

Energy efficient
If you dread receiving your power bill after running your air conditioner, a split cycle air conditioner could be the answer. These systems are highly efficiently which means they effectively heat and cool without chewing through your electricity. Speak to your technician and they can recommend the most energy efficient models.

Airspares are Perth’s split system installation experts and we pride ourselves on our friendly, professional service. Whether you need evaporative cooling, gas heating or reverse cycle heating and cooling, we can help you select and purchase your new system and then install it into your home. We also offer ongoing servicing and repairs so it continues to perform year after year.

For professional split system installation Perth, speak to the team at Airspares today on 1300 66 22 44.

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