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Air Conditioning Repair: How Much Will It Cost You?

Posted by Mathew Smith on

Imagine having a broken air conditioning unit during summer. Sweat dripping from your forehead, yet no air coming from your AC to cool you down. The thought alone is irritating already, right? What must be the problem?

If you want your air conditioner to function well, especially during the summer heat, you have to make sure that it is properly and regularly maintained. Just like the other appliances you use at home, air conditioning units need to be kept in good condition, as well. This is to make sure that they serve you well and long. 

However, when you fail to have it checked on a regular basis, it will eventually malfunction and will need fixing. The question now is – how much is going to be the cost of air conditioning service? Will it burn a hole in your wallet? Or are you gonna have to spend only a few bucks?

Air Conditioning Service Cost

The amount that air conditioning unit repair technicians charge depends on several factors, such as:

  • The length of time it took them to repair your AC.
  • The area where you live.
  • The parts that need replacement.

Usually, repairers charge by the hour. So most likely, prepare to spend $80 to $140 per hour. Keep in mind, though, that these figures may vary. They are only meant to be your guide. If you need an air conditioning service, it is best to contact the nearest and most trusted one to get an estimate.

Dealing with Common Air Conditioning Unit Problems

It is inevitable for your air conditioner to be repaired, especially if it is not well-maintained. But how do you know if it needs to be checked by a repairman? 

When it starts to show the following signs, then it’s time to call air conditioning service providers.

  • It has a decreased air flow.
  • The fan is not blowing air at full power.
  • Its fan is functioning, but it does not produce cool air.
  • Water is leaking and dripping from it.
  • It turns off randomly (even without being timed).
  • When it can’t make a room cold even with high thermostat and full power.
  • It starts to blow air with noise that is louder than the usual.
  • When its power shorts out.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you want your air conditioner to function well and to serve you for a long time, you ought to do these simple maintenance tips:

  • Keep the external body of the unit clean. Wipe it on a regular basis to prevent dust from building up.
  • Clean its air filters, and get rid of dirt. An accumulation of dust will cause your air conditioning unit to ice up. And that doesn’t mean it will blow cooler air. It will actually do the opposite.
  • Have its external condenser fins cleaned frequently. 
  • Keep the drain outlet clean. 

Regularly cleaning your air conditioner lets it function more efficiently by lessening its pressure and stress. When your air conditioning unit is well-maintained, you won’t have to shell out big bucks on repairs.

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