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How Often Should You Have Your Evaporative Air Conditioner Serviced?

Posted by Amy Jones on

You have a lot of options to make your home cooler with air conditioning being the most commonly used way. But then again, there are different types of air conditioning units you can choose from. They all have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Knowing those will help you choose which type of air conditioning system suits your household.

An evaporative air conditioner is also sometimes called a swamp cooler. It makes use of water-soaked pads to make the air cooler. The process is like this – a fan draws hot air into the air conditioning unit, sending the hot air through pads which help vaporise the liquid into gas. And then it blows out cooler air – opposite to what it was when it entered the evaporative air conditioning unit. 

In contrast, typical air conditioners get moisture out of the air. On the contrary, evaporative air conditioners cool with the opposite effect, which is by increasing humidity to the air that flows from it. 

In addition, air flows from its fan nonstop. That produces a slight breeze, which helps make your house or room feel cooler.

What are its benefits?

  • An evaporative air conditioner operates without producing too much noise.
  • With it, you can still leave your doors and windows open.
  • It adds more moisture to the air you breathe.
  • It emits less carbon dioxide.
  • Evaporative coolers are low-maintenance.
    • They are more energy-efficient than typical air conditioning units.

    What is an evaporative air conditioner service?
    An evaporative air conditioner service makes sure that your evaporative cooler is functioning at its best performance. An evaporative air conditioning service includes:

    • Cleaning the filter pads and water pump thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from the evaporative air conditioning unit. 
    • Checking the drain valve, float valve, solenoid valve, and water line for leaks and drips.
    • Ensuring that its fan is working properly in all speeds and modes.
    • Testing and making sure that outlets produce unrestricted airflow. 

    How often should you get it serviced?
    Regular evaporative air conditioning service is needed to make sure that your evaporative cooler works efficiently for a long time. The maintenance service must be done after your unit’s first year. After that, you can have it serviced on an every other year basis.

    You must take note, however, that the suggestions for how often evaporative air conditioners must be serviced is determined by its model and brand. 

    What is the cost?
    The cost of getting the services of a professional air conditioning technician to maintain or repair your evaporative air conditioner ranges from $50 up to $500. Still, the cost of evaporative air conditioning service depends on what needs to be fixed.

    In most instances, the service cost starts at $150 to as high as $300. However, services that do not require replacement of parts typically cost around $100 to $150.

    Keep in mind that maintaining the cleanliness of your evaporative air conditioner is a simple yet effective practice that can save you money, instead of spending more on repairs. 

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