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Five reasons why you need to get your aircon serviced regularly

Posted by Bodie Czeladka on

There are plenty of great reasons for taking out an aircon service program, here we present a few reasons why getting a regular aircon service is important:

aircon service

Reduced costs

The biggest overall benefit for many people is that it will save you money moving forward. Consistently maintaining your air conditioning unit might seem like an unnecessary cost; however, but the money that you will save on repairs as well as replacing air conditioning components will essentially mean that the service will pay for itself.

Longer Lifespan

First and foremost, the most expensive part of having an air con is the unit itself. The initial cost of installing an air conditioning unit can be expensive, so for obvious reasons you want to limit how often you replace it. Regular maintenance can help to pin-point any underlying issues which could result in serious problems further down

the line. As with anything, if you detect the problem early enough you can rectify it and prevent a serious malfunction; therefore, ultimately regular maintenance will result in a prolonged life span of your equipment and save you money.

Improved Energy Consumption

Whether it be your car, your phone or in this case your air conditioning unit, as time goes on their performance can deteriorate. For example, how often do you notice that your phone is low on power when you charged it only a few hours ago? Well, a similar concept applies when it comes to AC maintenance; if regularly serviced, you will find that your unit will be working at optimal efficiency and using as little power as necessary. On the other hand, if neglected you might find yourself paying out on huge electrical bills due to a fault in the system. Needless to say, this can be corrected rather easily with a great service plan in place.

Air Quality Control

You may or may not be aware that air conditioners filter contaminants from the air before circulating clean air throughout your home. Now it’s imperative that you ensure these are cleaned and replaced as soon as they start to degrade in any way as damaged or defective air filters can negatively affect people, particularly if they have breathing conditions such as asthma. By ensuring that you invest in the best air conditioning service Perth has to offer you can minimize this risk and have a completely care free home.

Warranty Benefits

The majority of newly installed air conditioning units come with warranty of up to 4-5 years. A large percentage of these brands expect regular maintenance in order to honour these guarantees. Therefore it’s well worth investing in regular servicing to stay in-keeping with your warranty conditions.

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