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Split AC installation in Perth

Posted by Bodie Czeladka on

Here at Air Spares we specialise in Split AC installation and work in partnership with a number of different air conditioning companies to bring our customers the very best in service and parts, as well as premium air conditioning units from some of the top brands. Here we showcase just a few examples of our favourite brands.


Airspares has teamed up with Fujitsu as an authorised partner and have become a leading supplier of air-conditioners, with a portfolio that will suit both residential & commercial applications. Fujitsu General offers a myriad of air conditioning systems that provide both excellent efficiency and reliable performance. Fujitsu strongly promotes an ethos of environmental awareness and is a brand which offers a broad range of products suitable for many different rooms in your home or commercial property, with all models being highly efficient with the ability to conserve electricity.

If you ever need to make any repairs or maintenance work on your Fujitsu air conditioning unit it is essential that you choose genuine Fujitsu air conditioning spare parts as a poorly fitting replacement part can easily compromise on both the performance and efficiency of your Fujitsu unit. Fujitsu air conditioner parts on the other hand are designed and manufactured to the exacting factory specifications to fit your air conditioning unit as seamlessly as the original part, and continue to provide you with the optimum performance and efficiency you should expect.


Airspares has teamed up with Samsung as an authorised partner and have become a leading supplier of air-conditioners, with a portfolio to suit both residential & commercial applications.

Samsung Electronics, a widely recognised manufacturer in the global information marketplace, showcases an extensive range of domestic and commercial air conditioning solutions. A global giant, Samsung Electronics has pledged to create and offer quality products that enhance consumer convenience for a smarter and more comfortable lifestyle. As a brand, Samsung has brought creative new solutions to the air conditioning manufacturing industry which has led to new AC systems that offer both an enhanced performance and a greater efficiency, which means that you can keep your home cool without it costing you the earth. Should you ever require to repair or replace a part of your Samsung air conditioner, it is vital that you always use genuine Samsung air conditioner spare parts that are specifically designed and manufactured to work in harmony with your equipment to remove the risk of compromising the performance and efficiency of your system.

If you are looking for experts in split system air conditioner installation, Perth, you can be assured that you are in safe and professional hands with Air Spares. We work with numerous brands, including Fujitsu and Samsung, to bring you high quality air conditioning units, as well as genuine spare parts for all the main brands. As a respected and reliable company, you can be sure that an installation done by us will be done right.

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