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How Much Should an Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

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If you’re considering getting an air conditioner installed in Perth, it’s likely that you’ve already carried out a great deal of research on the different options available. 

One of the primary sources of concern for any homeowner or property manager in this position is the affordability of the installation. Like any industry, there are good and bad HVAC installation companies, and the pricing structure can vary a great deal. 

So, how do you know if your air conditioning installation quote is a fair one?

How much does it cost to install air conditioning? 

It’s difficult to give an exact cost because every home will have a different size and layout. There are other factors that will play a part too, such as:

  • the size of your home
  • how many air conditioning units you need
  • how many existing windows you have
  • existing ductwork in your home - installing a completely new duct system can be expensive 
  • the placement and condition of your existing wiring and whether it will need to be replaced 
  • the accessibility of the installation location. Tricky locations, like tight spaces or rooftops will take longer to work with and may increase costs. 

The price of installation will also vary due to the type of air conditioning system you choose:

Split system air conditioning

Split systems are simpler to install as they consist predominantly of an indoor unit and a compressor unit that can be placed outside, reducing the need and costs for labour. Again, details like the size of your home and its layout will determine the precise costings, but a smaller split system air conditioner should start at between $700 and $850, while a larger system will be closer to $2,000 or more. 

Ducted air conditioning

Again, the cost of installing ducted air conditioning will depend on the size and layout of your room. It’s worth noting, however, that although it might be more expensive to install than some other types of air con because its installation is more labour intensive, it is a more efficient option. This means that often the higher installation costs will be offset by the energy savings you may make in the long run. 

Evaporative air conditioning

An evaporative air conditioning system requires ductwork to be installed but it is an extremely cost efficient form of cooling because it utilizes fresh air rather than a refrigerant to cool the space. With the ductwork in place, it can also be adapted to allow for reverse cycle heating. It’s a large investment, so make sure that you do your research and ensure that you choose a legitimate installer

It’s worth bearing in mind that a typical hourly rate for a split system installation is $80. If the job is more complicated and it takes more time, the labour costs will be higher. However, if you take these figures as a general benchmark, it will be easier to spot a quote that’s too high or even too low. 

Many electricians are paid by the hour, but there are some HVAC companies that charge a flat fee based on the AC unit brand, the wattage of the system and certain other services that may be added to the original job later. It may be tempting to save money and go for a bargain basement installation, but these are typically low quality, and a poor installation will lead to a lot of problems later on. 

Can I install an air conditioner myself? 

There are many types of AC systems available, and many people with DIY skills believe that they can easily install them to save money on installation costs. Air conditioning is a very specialised area, however, and it’s much safer to use a professional HVAC technician. 

As we mentioned above, a poorly installed air conditioning system will be less effective, and it may be less energy efficient. The losses in cooling performance and the higher energy bills are unlikely to make up for the money “saved” by installing the system yourself. 

Here in Australia, we are required to hire a licensed professional to install an air conditioning system, and ignoring this requirement could lead to legal problems.

Questions to ask your air conditioning installer? 

Before you hire an HVAC professional to install, service, or repair your air conditioning equipment, there are some important factors to consider to make sure that you hire a technician who is qualified to do the job in its entirety. By asking the following questions, you should ensure you find the right person to carry out the job in a safe and timely way. 

Do they have adequate insurance cover?

No matter how impressed you are with your installation team, accidents do happen. And it’s your home that they could occur in. For this reason, it’s really important to make sure the team you hire to install your a/c has adequate insurance cover, so that you don’t get caught out or forced to pay twice. 

Do they have a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Licence?

As we mentioned above, in Australia it’s mandatory to hire a professional who has the appropriate Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Licence. Penalties for using someone who doesn’t vary, although the individual installer can face a fine upwards of $1700. Even if there are no fines involved, you should ask yourself whether you want to use someone who hasn’t gone to the trouble of getting the proper qualification. 

What services can they provide?

Make sure you get what it says on the tin, and agree upfront what services your installation team will provide to make sure you are not hit with any additional labour costs or hidden extras. 

Is a permit required for the air conditioner?

Permits vary state by state, and are usually related to the height the air conditioning unit will sit off the ground. You can contact your local council to find out more, but again, this is something that the person carrying out your installation should know and have planned for. 

How many tradies will be working in the home?

Some people value their privacy more than others, or may work from home in a job that requires relative peace and quiet. While it’s unrealistic to imagine that the installation process won’t be a little disruptive, having a clear idea of how many tradies will be working in your home is a reasonable request. It should also allow you the chance to make sure labour is fairly accounted for in the cost, and give you an idea of how quick your installation team is intending to be. 

Why choose Mouritz

Heating and cooling equipment represents a significant investment in your indoor comfort. In order to protect that investment, it makes sense to hire a suitable professional that can carry out excellent work. Mouritz have been in the industry for almost twenty years and we have a wealth of knowledge and a friendly, professional approach. 

If you’re looking for a high quality air conditioning installation in Perth, contact Mouritz for a no obligation quote today.


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