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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Installation Done

Posted by Amy Jones on

Perth is the sunniest capital city in the country, with particularly hot and dry summers. The heat averages at around 31°C, with the highest temperatures ever recorded at 46.2°C. At the same time, the city also experiences rather cool winters. The temperatures can dip to as low as 8°C, with ample rainfall alternating with clearer days.

In short, having an air conditioning system installed in your Perth residence can make the weather more tolerable. However, if you’re going for ultimate comfort, it’s a good idea to think about reverse cycle air conditioning installation. Perth weather can get a little disagreeable and a reverse cycle air conditioning system can make things more pleasant.

reverse cycle air conditioning

What Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning and How Does It Work?

To understand what reverse cycle air conditioning is, you first have to understand how standard air conditioning works. Simply put, it works by pumping the heat away and transferring it to another area. The cooling process involves three steps. First, the fan inside the air conditioning unit draws in the warm air. Then, the refrigerant inside the unit absorbs the warm air to cool it down. Finally, the cooled air gets blown back inside.

The other process entails cooling the refrigerant back down. As the warm refrigerant evaporates, it flows into a compressor and gets converted into a high-temperature, high-pressure gas. It then flows into a heat exchanger, where all the heat escapes so that the refrigerant can cool down. Once the refrigerant liquefies again, it passes through an expansion device to lower the pressure and cool it down further. This allows the refrigerant to absorb warm air again. 

With reverse cycle air conditioners, these processes can be reversed at the touch of a button. This means that you can cool and heat a room (or your entire home) using just one system.

How Much Does a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Unit Cost?

Usually, air conditioning installation will cost about $600 to about $800 for smaller split systems. For larger units, expect to shell out about $2,400. Ducted systems, including reverse cycle ones, will cost about $5,000 upwards. The price can reach up to $10,000 or higher depending on the size of your home. It’s definitely a huge investment so make sure to get in touch with a reliable installer. They should visit your property first so that they can give you a more accurate quotation. 

The running costs, on the other hand, depend on various factors. Obviously, a larger system will cost more. However, you can choose a more energy-efficient model. Your house’s size, type, and a number of windows, as well as insulation, can also affect the running costs.

To help lower your electricity bills, find a temperature you’re comfortable with. You don’t have to run the temperature down so low that you have to wear a jacket inside your own home. Make sure to also close the windows when you’re running your air conditioner so that it doesn’t work double-time to keep the ideal temperature. Another tip is to heat or cool early; don’t wait until the temperature reaches uncomfortable levels before turning on the system.

reverse cycle air conditioning installation

With a reverse cycle air conditioning, your home sweet home will be even more comfortable. Get in touch with an installer today to know your options. 

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