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Why You Should Choose a Split System Air Conditioner

Posted by Bodie Czeladka on

Split system air conditioners are a popular choice in Australia. They are often seen in smaller homes, offices, apartments and restaurants and provide a convenient and versatile form of heating and cooling for year-round comfort.

What is a Split System Air Conditioner?

A split system consists of two units, one indoor wall mounted unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit blows cool air into the room, while the outdoor unit dissipates the heat from the cooled area. To cool or heat more than one room, multi head split systems are a great choice where ducted air conditioning is not suitable.

Split System Air Conditioner

Split system air conditioner installation Perth offers efficient heating and cooling to a specific room or space in the home. Split system installation Perth allows for a more targeted form of temperature control and can be easily installed in many types of existing homes where ducted air con may not be suitable.

Split systems are a very popular choice where a specific targeted area of the home needs cooling or heating. Split system air conditioning installation is a fast and affordable option to provide a comfortable environment year-round in your home or office.

The Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioners can provide many benefits, especially when ducted systems are not practical. Split systems are easier to install compared to ducted units. As they do not need ducts, a split system is much cheaper and quicker to install, without need space in the ceiling. A split system blends nicely with the room and doesn’t require a large amount of installation work.

A split system is great when you need a single room to be cooled or heated. Split system aircon installation Perth can install your unit in a few hours at a much more affordable price compared to larger ducted systems. Not only are split systems cheaper to install, they can also be cheaper to run. When the correct temperature is used, energy use can be minimised.

Another benefit of a split system air conditioner is the ease of maintenance. Split systems are easy to clean, mainly requiring filters to be cleaned regularly which is ideal for rental properties as maintenance and servicing can be kept to a minimum.

Split system air conditioners are also beneficial for those with asthma or allergies. Split systems are great for reducing dust, bacteria and allergens in the air. When the filters are well maintained, a split system is perfect for purifying the air in your home.

Split system air conditioning installation Perth can help you and your family to keep cool during the coming summer months. A split system controls the temperature in targeted areas of the home while saving money and providing an efficient form of heating and cooling.

There are many benefits to choosing split system aircon installation Perth. For more information or assistance with choosing the right type of air conditioning for your home or office, contact our friendly staff who are more than happy to help.

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