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The Importance of Regular Air Con Services

Posted by Bodie Czeladka on

Air conditioning service is vital for the performance and lifespan of your air conditioner. Regular services are particularly important after times of heavy use, aa well as for maintaining the health benefits that your air conditioner can supply. Many people wait until their air con is showing problems before calling for a service, however with regular maintenance you can ensure that your air con unit continues to run smoothly and reduces the risk of possible breakdowns or costly repairs.

Air Con Services Perth

It’s important to understand the maintenance requirements of your air conditioning system. Dirt, dust and other contaminants can make their way into the unit which not only reduces the efficiency, but can create an unhealthy environment. Air conditioning service Perth can help to keep your air conditioner running efficiently over the life span of the unit.

The Benefits of Regular Aircon Service

Regular services do not only extend the life of your unit, but also help to increase its efficiency. This will benefit your budget in the long run by reducing energy bills. A poorly maintained air conditioner puts strain on the unit and can increase its running costs.

Regular aircon service is also a great way to prevent any small issue from becoming costly repairs. By keeping all parts in good working order, your air conditioner is able to function at it’s best and last for a lot longer than a poorly maintained unit.

Keeping the Filters Clean

All components of an air conditioner need to be well maintained, however the filters often require more attention. Cleaning your air conditioner’s filters regularly will not only increase the efficiency of your unit, but will also maintain healthy air quality throughout your home.

By maintaining clean filters, dust and dirt can be reduced and prevented from collecting on the condenser coil. If the filters are left dirty, eventually this can block the air flow causing poor temperature regulation, reduced air flow and cause the air conditioner to work harder; resulting in higher running costs.

Regular air conditioning service will ensure that the filters remain clean and in good working order. This will reduce any build up of dirt or dust, meaning that everyone in your home breathes clean fresh air.

How Often to Service You Aircon?

How often your service your aircon will depend on the type of unit, its age and how often it’s used. It’s a good idea to have your aircon serviced just before heavy use such as when summer is approaching. However, in general a new air conditioner should be service around once or twice a year.

The top benefits of regular aircon maintenance include:

  • Lower energy use
  • Good air quality
  • Extended life span of your unit
  • Reduce breakdowns
  • An efficiently running aircon system
  • Lower repair costs

The qualified technicians at Airspares are experienced in all types of air con service and repairs. For more information about the benefits of regular air conditioning service Perth, contact our friendly team today. With over 15 years’ experience, our friendly staff are happy to assist you with your air conditioning enquiries.

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