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What is Involved in Split System Installation?

Posted by Amy Jones on

A split system air conditioning unit is not as common as window type air conditioners. In spite of that, a split system air conditioner is better in making your entire house cooler. 

Like window-type air conditioners, split system air conditioning units can be easily installed. In addition to that, they are also cheaper than central air cooling systems.  

What is Split AC Installation?

Split air conditioning system split the parts of a typical air conditioning system into two separate units – an indoor and an outdoor; and that’s where it got its name. 

These two parts are connected by copper tubing that substitutes the expensive ductwork that comes with central air cooling systems. The tractability of this copper tubing allows split system owners to easily install a split air conditioning system.

Split system installation must always be done by a professional. Why is that? It is for the reason that there will be instances where you will have to set up safety switches, electricity, cabling, as well as other components which have to be properly installed to make sure that the warranty is kept and your system functions properly.

The process of split system installation should always be done by a licensed installer. These air conditioner installers are trained and experienced when it comes to every aspect of air conditioning. They are experienced in installation, preventive maintenance, as well as servicing air conditioners. 

How is a Split System Aircon Installed?

  1. The first step in split system installation is the setting up of the indoor unit. This is where your hired professional installer will attach the mounting bracket to your interior wall. The mounting bracket is what will support your split-type air conditioning unit.
  2. When the mounting bracket is in position, the next step will be to drill a hole in your wall.
  3. After that, your hired professional air conditioner installer will work on all the piping and electrical connections through the drilled hole. He will tie them all together using electrical tape and then have them covered by a PVC tube.
  4. Try turning it on, and enjoy cool air.

Split system installation usually only takes a few hours. But then again, there are several factors that may possibly make the installation process longer. The following are the steps in split system installation

  • The professional air conditioning unit installer will have to drill a hole in the wall then place a copper tube through it.
  • After that will be the installation of the outdoor unit as well as the indoor unit.
  • Then copper tubes will have to be connected to both units.
  • The next step will be to attach the pressure gauge to test if the gas pressure is in full.
  • Then the installer will connect wirings and use a clamp meter to check the current from the compressor. This has to be done while the air conditioner is running.
  • He will also need to check the copper tube temperature. 

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